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2001-2002 - Fairy Tales, Sleeping Beauty, Pirates, Seattle Canoe Project
Fairy Tales
photographer Norma Jean Straw, models Raina Brody & Gina Coffman<br> My first full collection for Fancy Pony Land.  I took it on the road and sold it to Xin & Show Pony in Los Angeles who truly gave me my start.  This was also my first major use of leather appliqué in the skull & lotus skirt, inspired by my grandmother's passing and the Mexican way of celebrating death through funny and macabre skull imagery.

Sleeping Beauty
A short film by Shane & Sarah Muchow and myself based on an amalgam of fairy tale characters—Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, the Woodsman

Seattle Canoe Project
photographer Mark Sullo, art directed by Shane Muchow & Lorna Leedy, models Jenn Gallucci
A project for the Belgian magazine Addict Lab, we featured 3 Seattle designers' clothing in different waterways of Seattle by dragging a canoe around from place to place.

photographer David Belisle, models Heather Gibbons, Raina Brody, Laura Littlefield, Thomas Brierly, hair & makeup by David Belisle
A challenge by The Seattle Weekly magazine to make a new garment from a white tshirt--I went crazy with it.