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Customized Jeans : Shop Jeans
You can send me your own favorite jeans and I will appliqué them with your choice of weapons or tools. 
Metallic leather can be machine-washed gently inside out and hung to dry.

Choose from:
cowboy pistols (Colt 1851 Navy pistols, the classic cowboy gun)
ice ax
samurai swords
buccaneer pirate sword
*Be sure to specify front or side placement.

Price: $80 + $10 shipping = $90 TOTAL
Pay via PayPal
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Mail jeans to:
Fancy Pony Land
PO Box 1252
Marfa, TX 79843

Care: your customized jeans can be machine washed inside out in cold water and hung to dry.
The silver leather will eventually get weathered and faded, but so will the jeans. Take good care of your jeans and they'll take care of you!

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