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Fancy Pony Land is an independent clothing line by Lorna Leedy. The Fancy Pony Land classics are always available to order year round. We also produce small seasonal collections and new groups of jewelry, accessories, gifts and home decor items when inspiration strikes. We travel a few times a year for trunkshows and art fairs. Fancy Pony Land is made in the USA with kind labor practices. All garments are original design and are handmade by independent seamstresses who work from home in various spots around the country. The appliqué stencils are made from original drawings by Lorna. The stencils are traced onto vinyl & leather, hand-cut with scissors and machine-stitched. Fancy Pony Land uses salvaged wool and cashmere for our one-of-a-kind cardigans and vintage jeans for our customized gun jeans. The pennies for the penny necklaces are train-squashed in Marfa, TX. These things are made with love and attention. Established January 2002.

Many thanks to Beth & Elizabeth, the super seamstresses who help make it possible